Exclusive Collection in Collaboration with Cardamom Designs

We had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate on an exclusive collection with Kate, the owner and designer at Cardamom Designs. We met on Instagram (surprise surprise to all of you who follow us) we loved her designs and colors and thought we have to collaborate in some way. After chatting for a while and getting more of an idea about what blocking printing is about and the history behind it- it was done deal! For those of you who are like "what is block printing?" Here is the short answer: Woodblock printing or block printing is a technique for printing text, images or patterns used widely throughout East Asia and originating over 500 years ago in antiquity as a method of printing on textiles and later paper. Kate lived in India and worked with traditional artisans in Junipur, India to produce the below designs. To Further understand and appreciate the history and detail of this art here are a few images.

Kate, owner and designer at Cardamon Designs has created some amazingly unique fabrics check out her site to see all of of her designs cardamom-designs.com

Kate describes her work as hand block printed modern designs inspired by the vibrancy of India. Also, her products range from scarfs to cushion covers. Make sure you follow her on Instagram @cardamomdesigns

While every design originates from Kate's personal sketches and paintings, many skilled hands go into the making of each textile product you'll find in her shop - the wood carver, the printer, and finally the tailor. Your purchase of these unique product supports artisans in India to earn a living wage and keep the traditional art of hand block printing alive.

We loved the "wave pattern" so much we thought we would do an exclusive collection of our t-shirts with pockets using this fabric. They are amazing and are now available on our site for purchase- which one is your favorite?

They will be in women's sizes small- extra large and you can choose from 3 different color fabrics and are available here :

Women's Wave Style

signature collection of the wave pattern

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