A collaboration with Loft House Designs

As always, I feel like I am constantly thanking Instagram for being such and amazing platform where we continue to connect with amazing women who have started their own small business. We are all about the concept of collaboration over competition and wanted you all to know about our friend Sarah and and her small business!

Sarah who is the owner/creator of Loft House Designs and lives in Houston,Texas. She has a fabulous site on Etsy (check it out) https://www.etsy.com/shop/lofthousedesign All of the products are super cute and range for graphic tee's to coffee mugs. Make sure you follow her on Instagram @lofthousedesigns

To save 10% on your next order make sure you use coupon code LOFTHOUSE10. Here are a few shots we took over the weekend. Of course since we LOVE dogs so much they were included in the shoot.

Having a small business is a TON of work! You design, build a website, take photos, make mistakes, laugh, along with a million other things (I literally could list about 100 off the top of my head but won't) and if you are lucky enough someday make it your full time job. Just the thought of it is exciting!

We love getting the opportunity to work with other creators because when we find a cool product or company we want to share it with our tribe and share the LOVE. Make sure you take the time to check out Sarah's site | Link above|

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