It's all in the details...

This new style will be on our site soon, stay tuned

We spend a TON of times on the details adjusting, altering, essentially making everything we do as perfect as we can. I think its fair to say we are both type"A"and like things a certain way which is both good and bad. Good because we love creating and developing, making sure everything is better each time we do it, and bad because we are critical of all that we do (we look at things a million different ways) which at the end of the day makes what we do a very slow process. Honestly, we think that the details are what makes a product great. Whether it is clothing, food, traveling or really anything for that matter; what people will remember and appreciate are the details. We did a little photo shoot in the hood at Allegro Coffee on Tennyson Street a few weeks ago which was a lot of fun. How cute did these photos come out??

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Meriah & Molly