Love is in the Air....

We love this time of year all the pink, hearts, and most importantly LOVE. We created a special shirt with Valentines Day in mind. We selected 4 beautiful patterns to choose from for the pocket so you can customize the perfect shirt for one of you or a friend! They are now on our site and for #SALE (link below).

Valentine T-shirt

Keep it simple: We pick amazing fabric, cut to size, then create a custom pocket for each shirt ordered. We tend to gravitate towards florals because they look amazing anyway you cut them.

The finished product simple, feminine and ready to be sewn.

We were also featured by blogger Lis_pacini out of Boulder. Look at this cute shot and make sure you follow her on Instagram @liz_pacini and check out her awesome blog):

We also decided to do a special gift wrap option and look how cute it turned out! Each one is custom wrapped by Meriah as she is this is totally into layering different textures and making each one uniquely special.

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Happy Valentines Day!


Meriah & Molly