The Process

We have had a few request to share our "process"on how we design our shirts. Here is a sneak peak of what goes into each one of a kind shirts made by GHC Studio . We are sharing what we do in hopes that it inspires others. We are not afraid of anyone"stealing our idea" we actually hope that others are inspired to do something creative, and hey let's collaborate! There is enough success to go around to everyone who wants it. We are always looking for new collaborations so if you are looking to co-brand shoot us an email at

finding the perfect fabric

We start by hunting for fabric we LOVE. We source from great Etsy sellers, to unique local shops like Fancy Tiger. Next we had to figure out how to make the pockets. To be honest it took some time to figure out the perfect size pocket, keeping in mind the cut/fit for each style shirt. It took basic trial and error, but we finally figured it out!

As we find fabric we like we then wash, dry, then iron it to make sure if it's going to shrink, it will before we sew it. We then give it a style number (We try to be organized). Typically we cut the fabric in to square of 4x4 then do the folds from there. Each style of print/fabric is then inventoried so that we know how many shirts we can get out of it.

We then take each fabric square and iron and fold it to make the pocket for each shirt. Usually we end up with a final product of about 3x3 for the women's tanks.

This is almost the final product. The pocket has yet to be sewn on but you can see our logo which we iron on to each and every shirt. The iron on label/logo is a whole other lovely story in itself (which I will save for another post).

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Molly & Meriah