A little about US...

We wanted to give you all a better idea of who the "Girl Bosses" are behind GHC Studio. Meriah and I love what we do and its all about the design, creativity, and finding inspiration in everything we do in order to grow our business. But, what you don't see is much of us (we are camera shy) so here are a few snaps of me (Molly) and my little family. The following post will be a little about Meriah - so stay tuned.


When I am not working on GHC Studio, I am wrangling my two boys Olen (4 years old) and Cade (2 years old). They keep me laughing and running most days. My husband Shawn is a big kid himself loves taking the kids on "ADVENTURES". We live here in beautiful Denver with our dog Jayson. We adopted Jayson from Maxfund a no-kill Animal Shelter here in Denver nearly 14 years ago. If you ask the boys about their dog they will say "he is old but we love him!" A portion of our profits from GHC Studio goes directly to Maxfund.

Olen jumping on some boards at my parents house in Maine- always up to something. The boys are only 19 months apart and a lot of people think they are twins.

Cade Prescott & Olen Norman

Cade Prescott.


At GHC Studio (Gratitude. Happiness. Create) and our personal lives we choose to be grateful, choose happiness, and create a life you love. Follow our story on Instagram @ghc_studio and use the hashtag #gratitudehappinesscreate to share your stories of gratitude, happiness and what you like to create



photo credit @benwheelerphotography