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Shelter dogs are the best!.. (in our opinion) ;)

We were lucky enough to spend some time this weekend at Maxfund to meet some super cool dogs. Most of you are aware that both Meriah and I are completely obsessed with dogs and we want everyone else to be as well! Some people prefer to get their pups from breeders which is great- we would just like to encourage everyone who is looking for a new furry friend to consider a local animal shelter as well just like Maxfund. At Maxfund, there are so many breads to chose from and all different ages! Big dogs, small dogs and of course cats. One thing we would like to bring awareness to is that there are also a lot of purebreds dogs at shelters. A lot of times it's of no fault of their own and purebre

To travel is to LIVE....

As a busy wife and mom its so hard to travel which is one of my favorite things to do. Life get so busy between work, kids, meal planning, sick kids, cleaning, birthday parties I mean the list could go on for days. I just love to travel period so I make a point to schedule a weekend trip at least one a year alone (without the kids or husband) luckily I have an amazing husband who is really supportive and encourages me to go. With that being said another interesting fact about me and traveling is that I always get sick on planes! My family, especially my mom and sister claim that I was born nauseous. And as luck would have it, the actual being sick part seems to be getting so much worse with

It's all in the details...

We spend a TON of times on the details adjusting, altering, essentially making everything we do as perfect as we can. I think its fair to say we are both type"A"and like things a certain way which is both good and bad. Good because we love creating and developing, making sure everything is better each time we do it, and bad because we are critical of all that we do (we look at things a million different ways) which at the end of the day makes what we do a very slow process. Honestly, we think that the details are what makes a product great. Whether it is clothing, food, traveling or really anything for that matter; what people will remember and appreciate are the details. We did a little ph

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